Andros, holidays, escapes, accommodation, entertainment, on a jewel island.

Andros is the northernmost island of the Cyclades, and second in extent after Naxos.

The name of the island, in the predominant view of Diodorus of Sicily, comes from General Andros of Rhedamanth, King of Crete. Something that proves that Andros was under Cretan sovereignty, like the rest of the Aegean islands.

Virgo beaches, rich nature, springs, paths and distinctive architecture.

A canvas with the backdrop of the blue skyline of the Aegean Sea and the central theme of Andros, could be a painting of great value on its own.

The island of shipowners and captains, the island of waters, a jewel island in walking distance from Athens.

Batsi, the most tourist and cosmopolitan fishing village of Andros, where you will find hotels and accommodation for every taste but also taverns, cafes, bars. There are also excellent beaches here. A magical area in Batsi is the Stivari.

Unique base for excursions, hiking on the unique paths of Andros, visits to museums, archaeological sites, monasteries and places of special interest.

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